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Challenging Bias and Negative Attitudes About Alzheimer's Disease

The Team Approach to Caregiving

The Three Stages of Caregiving

Incontinence Care: Everything you need to know and hoped you'd never have to ask

Turning the Home into a More User Friendly Environment

Facing the Final Days  Death with Dignity

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  Tom and
    Beverly, 1994F

Finding the Humanity and Love 

in Alzheimer's Care

For families facing the ethical, emotional and physical care issues of Alzheimer's Disease.

by Beverly Bigtree Murphy,  

MS, Rehabilitation Counselor, Caregiver, Advocate,  Author

Jim Johnson, Photographer 

  Tom and Beverly, 1994 

Tom Murphy and his wife Beverly, 5 Years after the diagnosis of AD. 

 Tom was cared for at home until he died in 1995.  

There are only four kinds of people in this world:

Those who currently are caregivers
Those who have been caregivers
Those who will be caregivers
Those who will need caregivers

"Helping Yourself Help Others," by Rosalynn Carter

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Caregiver's Corner

Each month I will post a new article in this section.  The topics will vary from month to month but the scope will always be focused on the human experience of caregiving.

This month's choice:  

Using Usual Items To Do Unusual Tasks  <click

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